Baby Bath Thermometer

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This baby water thermometer is a perfect choice to takes away all your guesswork and worries. High quality of materials, good for knowing the suitable temperature.

Your bathtub thermometer will be activated. A water thermometer can help you roughly know the water temperature and you can consider whether is suitable for baby bathing.

The thermometer allows your baby to fall in love with the bath without having to worry about the water temperature is too low. It is an awesome tool for baby bathing.

Your water thermometer can also be used to check room temperature or outdoor temperature checker. 

It is not only a bath thermometer but also a safe and funny bath toy for the baby to enjoy bath time.


  • Material: Kerosene
  • Thermometer Type: Scale Type
  • Temperature Range: 0-50 ℃
  • Age: 0-36 Months Baby, 4-12 Years Old Preschool, 12 Years Old and Above Teenagers
  • Thermometer Use: Bathroom Thermometer
Baby Bath Thermometer
Baby Bath Thermometer
Baby Bath Thermometer